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Sully Buttes Boys Finally Get Court Time, Drop Opener to Winner

Sully Buttes Boys Finally Get Court Time, Drop Opener to Winner

The Sully Buttes Charger boys basketball team had to wait until the last day of 2022 for a live game, and it showed.  The Chargers fell to the 3-0 Winner Warriors 65-38 Saturday afternoon at the Armory in Winner. The Warriors started strong, and it was evident Sully Buttes wasn’t acclimated to game pace, and…read more »

Rounds Says NDAA Is Larger Than President’s Request

PIERRE — The National Defense Authorization Act is sitting in the US Senate, waiting for final passage. South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says the eight hundred fifty eight billion dollar bill is more than the President was asking for…. Rounds says this is another spending bill that should have been done long before now… Rounds…read more »

Two Highmore-Harrold Pirates Selected for 281 All-Conference Volleyball

Two Highmore-Harrold Pirates Selected for 281 All-Conference Volleyball

Kendall Cermak would be selected to the third team and Brooke Palmer as an honorable mention as the Highmore-Harrold Pirates had two volleyball players selected to the 281 All-Conference teams. Both players for the Pirates will be returning next year as Cermak is a junior and Palmer is just a sophomore. However, the 281 All-Conference…read more »

Businesses Watching Work Of Property Tax Summer Study Closely

Businesses Watching Work Of Property Tax Summer Study Closely

PIERRE — An interim committee of the South Dakota legislature is looking again at the structure of property tax and the burden it creates. Nathan Sanderson, Executive Director of the Retailers Association, spoke to the “Study Committee on Property Tax Structure and Tax Burden” at their last meeting… Sanderson says property taxes only seem to…read more »

Investment Council Gives Report To Legislature’s Executive Board

PIERRE — While funds controlled by the South Dakota Investment Council fell about one percent in value in the first six months of the year, that still got high praise from the legislatures Executive Board. Representative Hugh Bartels says that outcome save a lot of money… That benchmark fell about thirteen percent. Bartels says the…read more »

Nesiba Calls For More To Be Done For State Corrections Workers

PIERRE — Governor Kristi Noem last week announced immediate pay raises for most correctional officers. Their pay will rise from twenty dollars an hour to twenty three fifty, with the potential to go to twenty eight dollars an hour. Senator Reynold Nesiba of Sioux Falls has been vocal in calling for better pay… Nesiba says…read more »

Thune Says Congress Could Stall If “Red Wave” Wins In November

PIERRE — Republicans in Congress are anticipating a possible “red wave” in the November elections that would give them majority control of both the House and Senate. South Dakota republican Senator John Thune says if that happens, it could lead to two years of stalemate with the democratic Biden Administration… Thune says split control sometimes…read more »

State Transportation Official Preparing For Wider Use Of Electric Vehicles

PIERRE — The South Dakota Transportation Department held open houses last week in Sioux Falls and Rapid City to get input on the state “Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Plan.” Mike Behm, head of the Division of Planning and Engineering, told the Transportation Commission its part of a national plan… Behm says they had a lot…read more »