Watertown Debating New Baseball Stadium

Watertown Debating New Baseball Stadium

{KXLG – Watertown, SD} Watertown’s city officials have discussed the future of baseball in the city and the importance of advisory boards.

A discussion centered around the potential design of a new baseball field and the role of advisory boards within the city.

City Manager Amanda Mack explained that the city has multiple volunteer advisory boards, including the Parks and Rec board. These boards serve in an advisory capacity to the Council, bringing items forward for discussion and serving as the “eyes and ears” of the community…

However, the board’s decisions are mainly within the purview of what the Parks and Rec director has the authority to make decisions on. More significant issues go to the Council.

The city is considering paying over $28,000 for design services to a firm in Des Moines, IA, for a potential new field.

However, Mayor Holien asked to pause the conversation, expressing concern about hiring outside agencies prematurely…

He noted that baseball has been associated with the school for many years and owns the stadium. The school has announced that they will not take care of the stadium after next year, leaving baseball without a home. Mayor Holien emphasized that no one entity is to blame, but everyone can be part of the solution.