Nine Oahe Lady Capitals Selected to Team South Dakota

Nine Oahe Lady Capitals Selected to Team South Dakota

A total of nine Oahe Lady Capitals across four different teams will represent Team South Dakota this coming season with two playing on two teams.

Ainsley Reiss was selected to the 12U SD team. There is no 12U National tournament, but Reiss will be a part of Developmental team who will compete in tournaments and games but will also participate in practice and skill sessions over the fall.

The 14U girls team will three Oahe Capitals. Mallory Lehrkamp, Dakota McEntaffer and Aubrey Stewart will all be playing for Team South Dakota. They will be competing to qualify for the National Tournament which will be in Coral Springs, Florida. While only being a 14U team, nearly every girl on the roster, which includes the three from the Caps, have plenty of varsity experience.

The 16U girls team will have four Oahe Capitals represented on this year’s team. Katie Reiss and Elliot Bertsch, who both played for last year’s varsity Caps team will be joined by Kallee Behm and Raegan Pfeifer who had played on the Bantam teams last year. Sioux Falls has six players representing the team, but the Caps have the second most representation. The National Tournament will be played in Virginia.

Lastly, Team South Dakota will take a high school team to the National Tournament in Irvine, California at the end of March. Brylee Kafka will be joined by Behm and Pfeifer who will get a chance to play on two teams this year. It is an All-Star type lineup from the varsity girls ranks in South Dakota.

You can see a full list of the teams below.