Lawn Chair Gang to Receive Post 8 Hometown Hero Award

Lawn Chair Gang to Receive Post 8 Hometown Hero Award

At any point during baseball season, no matter the age or division, just behind the grandstand seats on the first base side, there will be line of fans in lawn chairs. The group simply now known as the Lawn Chair Gang has been one of the biggest supporters of Pierre baseball. Now, the group will be honored on Wednesday during Pierre Post 8’s senior legion doubleheader against Aberdeen as the Post 8 Hometown Hero.

The group would get started in the summer of 2019. Gill Hedman says it all started when it came to the foul balls…

The original members are Hedman, Rich Shangreaux, Dave Hanson, Todd Oligmueller, Skip Kurth, Nick Lumby, Scott Jones, Rick Merriam, Joe Krier and Bob Judson. Of course, the lawn chairs have always been a staple of Hyde Stadium which fits right into the name…

When it came to naming the group, Hedman says it was a no-brainer…

It was the name until the 2024 year. Then they introduced the first females to group…

Hedman says, it’s great to see the young kids and fans go after foul balls and enjoy the day at the ballpark…

Starting in 2023, the first year of high school softball, the Lawn Chair gang started making donations to the softball team.

Post 8 will honor the gang with the Hometown Hero Award on Wednesday during the doubleheader between Pierre and Aberdeen. The doubleheader and the ceremony will be on YouTube at KCCR Sports.

Lawn Chair Gang Members

Craig Bump and Klein Furniture

Gill Hedman

Rich Shangreaux

Dave Hanson

Todd Oligmueller

Skip Kurth

Nick Lumby

Scott Jones

Rick Merriam

Joe Krier

Mike Oakland

Terry Erickson

Bob Judson

Paul Marso

Bob Lowery

Brad Schiefelbein

Rodney Stoeser

Tom Rounds

Monte Becthold

Fred Lillibridge

Brad Urbach

Rich Doyle

Mark Sweetman

John Bucholz

Elton Blemaster

Steve Bumann

Tom Gilsrud

John Burchill

Jim Pollock

Dave Ruhnke

Doug Iverson

Daryl Walz

Deb Schiefelbein

Sue West

*Bold Indicates original 2019 members