Governors in Eight Place Through Day One of ESD

Governors in Eight Place Through Day One of ESD

The Pierre Governor tennis team will have a couple of singles competitors looking to win the consolation championship with doubles to compete in day two of the ESD tournament.

Pierre finished in eighth place at the end of day one, but a couple of wins to start the day can help bump them into sixth place. Both Jacob Leiferman in singles flight three and Weston Northup in singles flight four would drop its first round matchups before winning in the consolation semifinals to reach the consolation championship for Tuesday. Devin Dodson in flight one, Brady Lowery in flight five and Noah Lueking in flight six all would fall in play-in game eliminating them in the first match. Lucas Hight in flight two would drop the first and second round matches to be eliminated.

In doubles flight two, Dodson and Northrup did not have to play on Monday being seeded fifth. However, Lucas Hight and Leiferman in flight one and Levi Hight and Marty Blanchette in flight three had to play on Monday in the play-in match and both were defeated eliminating them in the process.

You can see a full list of the results for day one and stay up to date for Tuesday below. Day 2 kicks off at 8:00 AM on Tuesday in Sioux Falls.

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