Seven Governors Sign Letters of Intent

Seven Governors Sign Letters of Intent

Wednesday afternoon was a busy day at the Riggs High School Library as seven different Pierre Governors signed their letters of intent to play sports in college.

All seven players will be playing college football with Tyan Buus also signing with Mount Marty to play college basketball too.

Along with Buss, Spencer Skjonsberg is signing with Mankato State, Trey Lewis with Sioux Falls, Spencer Easland at Wayne State, Lucas Chamberlain at Dakota State and Cade Kaiser and Emmit Anderson at Northern State. Steve Steele, the head coach of the Pierre Governors says its in an incredible stat for a school the size of Pierre…

All of these players were in sixth grade when this run started back in 2017 and some were on the sideline before high school. Steele says its incredible to think about…

Steele says the amount of connections former players and these players are making, shows how much the program continues to grow…

With Jett Zabel signing to play for North Dakota State in December, it makes eight Governors to play college football next year. You can hear from each one of the seven athletes to sign on Wednesday by listening below.

Emmit Anderson

Tyan Buus

Spencer Easland

Cade Kaiser

Trey Lewis

Spencer Skjonsberg

Lucas Chamberlain