Governors Finish off Mitchell for Senior Night Victory

Governors Finish off Mitchell for Senior Night Victory

The Pierre Governor boys and girls wrestling teams would both defeat the Mitchell Kernels on Thursday as the boys would win 63-9 while the girls would finish off the final home dual of the season with a 27-10 win.

In the girls contest, Shaylee Speck, Sydney Uhrig, Lexie Hillmer and Kezrey Benning would pick up fall wins while Dani Ringstmeyer had the fifth win for the Governors winning her match in a 4-3 decision. The Govs went 5-2 during the dual.

On the boys side, Gable Uhrig, Jacob Mason, Tristan Spencer, Max Hunsley, Brock Moser, Jaxon Ducheneaux, Lucas Chamberlain, Trey Lewis and Chance Carda all would win via fall as the nine, along with Jackson Charron’s forfeit would secure 60 of the 63 points on the evening. Alex Oedekoven would win 7-1 to round out the scoring and finish off the dual season at 8-2 and now will wait the final outcome of the standings and be ready for the state tournament next week Saturday.

You can see a full list of the results on our website below. The Governors girls will be in Canton today for a quadrangular and then travel to Harrisburg on Saturday for a tournament while the boys will be back in Yankton for a tournament on Saturday.

106Varsity – Gable Uhrig (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Kale Hofer (Mitchell) (Fall 5:59)60
113Varsity – Noah Bennett (Mitchell) over Walker West (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 6-3)03
120Varsity – Jacob Mason (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Dax Gukeisen (Mitchell) (Fall 2:35)60
126Varsity – Tayven Red Day (Mitchell) over Dawson Sirmons (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 13-7)03
132Varsity – Alex Oedekoven (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Penn Long (Mitchell) (Dec 7-1)30
138Varsity – Tristan Spencer (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Samari Wright (Mitchell) (Fall 1:26)60
144Varsity – Max Hunsley (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Evan Mitchell (Mitchell) (Fall 1:55)60
150Varsity – Brock Moser (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Oscar Luque (Mitchell) (Fall 1:04)60
157Varsity – Jackson Charron (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Unknown (For.)60
165Varsity – Jaxon Ducheneaux (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Kaiden Allen (Mitchell) (Fall 1:07)60
175Varsity – Lucas Chamberlin (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Sean Foote (Mitchell) (Fall 3:23)60
190Varsity – Trey Lewis (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Connor Degen (Mitchell) (Fall 3:05)60
215Varsity – Chance Carda (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Seth Foote (Mitchell) (Fall 4:55)60
285Varsity – Rocky Clark (Mitchell) over Lucas Colman (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 3-1)03
Team Score:639


100Shaylee Speck (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over McKyla Linke (Mitchell) (Fall 0:51)60
107Sydney Uhrig (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Allyson Tilberg (Mitchell) (Fall 0:40)60
114Frankie Kranz (Mitchell) over Londyn Allen-Hunsaker (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Fall 1:11)06
120Dani Ringstmeyer (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Danny Borja (Mitchell) (Dec 4-3)30
126Lexie Hillmer (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Liliana Luque (Mitchell) (Fall 1:05)60
132Kezrey Benning (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Tiana Benton (Mitchell) (Fall 0:22)60
165Taylor DeJong (Mitchell) over Kyanne Traversie-Johnson (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (MD 15-2)04
Team Score:2710