Watertown Ice Arena Gets Scoreboard Approval

Watertown Ice Arena Gets Scoreboard Approval

KXLG Watertown – A center-hung and two end-rink scoreboards with a presented cost of over $402,000 were approved at Watertown’s City Council meeting in June for the all-new Prairie Lakes Ice Arena through a lease-style program with Daktronics.

Public Works Director/City Engineer Heath VonEye speaks about the details…

Scott Gloe, Director of the Prairie Lakes Ice Arena says they are selling scoreboard sponsorships through Daktronics…

VonEye mentions a budget of $84,000 for scoreboards, but since this program and the fundraising is available, it doesn’t compromise the budget.

Councilman Vilhauer inquired about when the Council will know what promises are being made during these processes, and City Manager Amanda Mack says documents are currently being drawn up…

Gloe says the center-hung scoreboard is just like the scoreboard at the civic arena in Watertown High School….

VonEye says the scoreboard will eventually generate additional revenue, even if it takes time.

With a unanimous roll call vote, the bid award was approved.