Sturgis Approves Indoor Batting and Pitching Facility

Sturgis Approves Indoor Batting and Pitching Facility

KBHB – STURGIS, S.D. – The City of Sturgis will soon have its first indoor batting and pitching facility.

Sturgis City Council members last week approved construction of the facility at their meeting this week.

Sturgis Alderman Aaron Jordan says the facility will be where a building once used as a city shop was located – near the Sturgis Community Center…

Jordan says alternate sights had been studied, including the Public Works storage facility on Ballpark Road and the old tennis courts by the baseball fields. However, the storage facility was too small and would require new space. The old tennis courts fall in an area where the school district is looking for future expansion.

Jordan says the Infrastructure Committee has completed a review and draft of a new Five Year Capital Improvement Plan. In completing this planning process some projects were reprioritized. As such, he says there is now sufficient funding available to invest $220,000 in the facility…

The City will own, schedule and maintain the facility to ensure that it is available for each program to use. Once the City completes the construction of the facility, the clubs would be responsible for outfitting the new facility.