Expedition League Loses Red River Pilots; Trappers, Sabre Dogs to Play in Championship

Expedition League Loses Red River Pilots; Trappers, Sabre Dogs to Play in Championship

Late last week, the Expedition League sent out a press release talking about the Red River Pilots disbanding for the season, leaving the league with just now three teams, the Souris Valley Sabre Dogs, North Iowa Ragin’ Roosters and the Pierre Trappers.

Now, according to the Trappers and Sabre Dogs social media accounts, the Expedition Regular Season has come to a close and the league championship series is about to get underway. Starting on Thursday, July 7, the Trappers will face the Sabre Dogs in a best of five championship series.

In the release last week, it was noted the coach for Red River had resigned from his position via email and also in doing so, released the players from the team and sent them home. His release was unauthorized and it had not been discussed with the league, according to the press release. They had revised the schedule for the remainder of the 2022 season, but are still working to try and rebuild the roster for the Pilots before the season comes to an end. That was until Monday.

The schedule had added several doubleheaders between the three teams at Hyde Stadium with the playoffs beginning with the second and third place teams playing a best of three series and the winner to face the top team in the league. Now they jump straight to the final series of the year a month early. Without any new information it leads to question if anything happened with the North Iowa Ragin’ Roosters. On Twitter, the Ragin’ Roosters only thanked the fans and said that Sunday’s game was the final of the season and the players would be returning home.

According to social media accounts more information will be released on Tuesday on the schedule for the series with locations and scheduled times for first pitch. The first game of the championship series is on Thursday.