Pierre Wrestling Sweeps Bismarck Triangular

Pierre Wrestling Sweeps Bismarck Triangular

The Pierre Governor boys wrestling team swept both Bismarck and Bismarck legacy on Thursday for its first dual wins of 2022 with scores of 51-18 over Legacy and 39-20 over Bismarck.

The Governors had eight fall wins in the match with Legacy as Gavin Stotts, Chance Carda, Elijah Boutchee, Josh Rydberg, Noah Williams, Nate Williams, Blake Judson and Hayden Shaffer all recorded pins in the win.

In the Bismarck dual, the Governors recorded eight wins but only three pins as Rydberg, Nate Williams an Carda were able to notch their second pins of the day. As a team the Governors were pinned just once and had one tech fall loss keeping both Bismarck and Legacy any extra bonus points in the Pierre win.

You can see a full list of the results below. The Governors will be in Lyman today and Saturday for an invite.

160Draken Stugelmeyer (Bismarck Legacy) over Jayden Wiebe (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 7-5)30
170Lucas Chamberlin (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Weston Snyder (Bismarck Legacy) (Dec 4-0)03
182Chance Carda (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Hayden Stymeist (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 1:11)06
195Gavin Stotts (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Ethan Mitchell (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 0:23)06
220Elijah Boutchee (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Haaken Jacobsen (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 1:11)06
285Joshua Rydberg (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Treyson Renken (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 1:28)06
106Nicolas Enzminger (Bismarck Legacy) over Alex Oedekoven (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 10-4)30
113Joey Enzminger (Bismarck Legacy) over Lincoln Schoenhard (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 9-6)30
120Noah Williams (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Jimmy Shar (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 2:52)06
126Nate Williams (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Yusuf Jama (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 1:24)06
132Cannon Bertch (Bismarck Legacy) over Hudson Shaffer (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Fall 3:17)60
138Blake Judson (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Sean Peterschick (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 0:46)06
145Hayden Shaffer (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Caden Eckroth (Bismarck Legacy) (Fall 0:45)06
152Tim Kadrmas (Bismarck Legacy) over Deegan Houska (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 3-2)30
Team Score:1851

152Deegan Houska (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Tate Olson (Bismarck) (Dec 3-2)03
160Jayden Wiebe (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Tyrus Jangula (Bismarck) (MD 9-1)04
170Brock Fettig (Bismarck) over Lucas Chamberlin (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (MD 14-6)40
182Ben Nagel (Bismarck) over Chance Carda (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (MD 12-4)40
195Isaiah Huus (Bismarck) over Gavin Stotts (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (Dec 5-0)30
220Elijah Boutchee (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Ayden Schlafman (Bismarck) (Dec 8-6)03
285Joshua Rydberg (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Brayden Moran (Bismarck) (Fall 4:27)06
106Alex Oedekoven (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Hudson Egeberg (Bismarck) (MD 11-2)04
113Ben DeForest (Bismarck) over Lincoln Schoenhard (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (TF 16-1 4:08)50
120Noah Williams (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Noah Savageau (Bismarck) (MD 11-2)04
126Nate Williams (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Carson Lardy (Bismarck) (Fall 3:13)06
132Dylan Kostelecky (Bismarck) over Hudson Shaffer (Pierre T.F. Riggs) (MD 11-1)40
138Blake Judson (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Devin Halverson (Bismarck) (Dec 9-2)03
145Chase Carda (Pierre T.F. Riggs) over Ty Sanders (Bismarck) (Fall 1:09)06
Team Score:2039