Avera Medical Group Pierre Planning Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics For Children 5 to 11 Years Old

Avera Medical Group Pierre Planning Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics For Children 5 to 11 Years Old

PIERRE — With the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine approved for use in children Avera Medical Group Pierre is offering clinics to get kids vaccinated against coronavirus. The clinics will be Saturday November 20th and Saturday December 11; both days the times are from nine to 11:30 AM. Pre-scheduled appointments are encouraged and parents can call 605-945-5269 to set up a time for a child to get vaccinated. Parents or guardians must be present when the child is vaccinated and will have to stay 15 minutes after getting the shot in an observation area. Children five to eleven years-old will get smaller dose of vaccine, about one third the size of an adult dose. The shots will be given in a two-shot series, three weeks apart. In a trial, the vaccine was 90-point-seven percent effective in preventing Covid-19 in 4700 kids aged five to eleven.

Children in the 5-11 age range may be fearful of shots. Avera experts give these tips on how to help:

Before the shot:

· Be honest. Tell kids the shot might hurt a little for a couple of seconds, but immunizations will keep them from getting sick in the long run.

· Plan ahead. Act out getting a vaccination, or tell a story in which the child is calm and brave. Remind children that you, too, get shots. They make everyone healthier.

· Prep the shot site. Applying anesthetic cream 20 minutes before the shot can help numb the pain.

During the shot:

· Put on a happy face. Show kids that there’s nothing to fear.

· Distract during the injection. Sing or engage in conversation. Or, tell your child to cough at the moment of the injection.

After the shot:

· Manage the pain. Children’s Tylenol or ibuprofen can help ease any discomfort or swelling. Ask your doctor about what children’s over-the-counter medication might be right for your child.

· Offer comfort. Give a hug, or practice deep breathing with your child.

· Reward their bravery. Celebrate with a game, a trip to the park, or another activity your kids enjoy.

To learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine, call your provider or visit Avera.org/covid-vaccine.