Pierre Tennis Finishes in Sixth Place in ESD Tournament

Pierre Tennis Finishes in Sixth Place in ESD Tournament

The Pierre Governor tennis team finished in sixth place as a team competing for the final time before the State Tournament at the ESD Tournament in Huron.

The Governors picked up a third place finish from Jocelyn Corrales in Singles flight four while also have a third place finish by Sydney Tedrow and Kara Weiss in doubles flight one. Pierre finished at 107.5 team points in sixth place.

The Governors will now be in Sioux Falls on Monday and Tuesday for the Class A State Tennis Tournament on October 4-5. Brackets will be released Sunday night before play begins on Monday morning. You can see a full list of the results below.

#1 Singles – Sydney Tedrow
1st Round: lost to Emily Ringgenberg (Aberdeen Central), 10-6
Consolation Semifinal: lost to Ellie Zink (Watertown), 8-4

#2 Singles – Marlee Shorter
1st Round: lost to Olivia Huber (Mitchell), 10-4
Consolation Semifinal: def. Nicole Lin (Harrisburg), 8-3
5th Place: lost to Carly Comstock (Aberdeen Central), 8-2

#3 Singles – Kara Weiss
1st Round: lost to Jaida Young (Watertown), 10-8
Consolation Semifinal: def. Adri Alexander (Brandon Valley), 8-3
5th Place: def. Livia Douglas (Aberdeen Central), 8-2

#4 Singles – Jocelyn Corrales
1st Round: def. Frannie Kouri (Yankton), 10-4
Semifinal: lost to Leyla Meester (Watertown), 10-6
3rd Place: def. Alice Vogel (Aberdeen Central), 8-2

#5 Singles – Caitlin Ott
1st Round: lost to Sydney Reynolds (Mitchell), 10-2
Consolation Semifinal: def. Teya Badger (Brandon Valley), 8-1
5th Place: lost to Say Ma (Huron), 8-1

#6 Singles – Carissa Ott
1st Round: def. Faith Berg (Watertown), 10-4
Semifinal: lost to Megan Mastel (Mitchell), 10-1
3rd Place: lost to Avery Tennant (Aberdeen Central), 8-3

#1 Doubles – Tedrow/Weiss
1st Round: def. Zink/Josie Heyn (Watertown), 10-8
Semifinal: lost to Maggie Schaefer/Nora Krajewski (Yankton), 10-9 (7-0)
3rd Place: def. Alanta Stahle/Olivia Huber (Mitchell), 8-4

#2 Doubles – Corrales/Caitlin Ott
1st Round: lost to Amber Moller/Reynolds (Mitchell), 10-5
Consolation Semifinal: def. Bianca Medina/Beth Engelhart (Huron), 8-4
5th Place: def. Sabrina Krajewski/Addison Gordon (Yankton), 8-1

#3 Doubles – Shorter/Gracie Zeeb
1st Round: lost to Laney Gonsor/Charlie Galvin (Aberdeen Central), 10-8
Consolation Semifinal: def. Badger/Addison Meyers (Brandon Valley), 8-3
5th Place: def. Ma/Ann Hoek (Huron), 8-6