Pierre Tennis Weekend Results from Rapid City

Pierre Tennis Weekend Results from Rapid City


Won against Brandon Valley 6-3

  • Varsity singles wins from Jocelyn Corrales (10-8), Caitlin Ott (10-7), Carissa Ott (10-5), and all 3 doubles teams won as well.

Lost to RC Stevens 1-8

  • from Sydney Tedrow and Kara Weiss at flight 1 doubles (10-5)


Lost to RC Christian 3-6

  • Varsity singles win from Marlee Shorter (6-2, 6-2), and wins from flights 2 and 3 doubles–flight 2: Jocelyn Corrales and Caitlin Ott (6-3, 6-2); flight 3: Marlee Shorter and Gracie Zeeb (6-4, 5-7, 10-2)

RC Invitational Tournament results:

Flight 1 doubles (Tedrow/Weiss): 4th place

Flight 2 doubles (Carissa Ott and Kourtney Walti): 4th place

Flight 3 doubles (Shorter/Zeeb): 3rd place

Flight 1 (Sydney Tedrow): 6th place

Flight 2 (Marlee Shorter): 5th place

Flight 3 (Kara Weiss): 4th place

Flight 4 (Jocelyn Corrales): 3rd place

Flight 5 (Caitlin Ott): 6th place

Flight 6 (Carissa Ott): 5th place