Latest PACA Athletes of the Week

Lincoln Keinholz and Kenzie Gronlund were selected as the latest athletes of the week from PACA. Here are the nominations from their respective coaches.

Lincoln Kienholz (Basketball):  Lincoln has shown tremendous growth in his leadership abilities throughout the season on and off the court. He was guarded by the opposing teams top defenders in nearly every game this season, and has adapted his game to create more opportunities for himself and his teammates offensively. His knowledge of the game is very advanced & he has a desire to better himself and his teammates, actively seeking coaching and training in addition to the work he puts in on his own outside of practice. He plays with a lot of composure and confidence and was a key contributor for the team all season. Lincoln brings a strong defensive presence and is a skilled scorer who creates well for himself and his teammates in multiple ways. A true student of the game, Lincoln was always seeking to learn and grow as an athlete throughout the season. He’s proven he belongs among the top athletes and basketball players in the state, and with two more years ahead of him, he will continue to turn heads in his prep career in all of his sports.

Kenzie Gronlund (Basketball): Kenzie demonstrates what being a team player is all about.  Not only in Girls’ Basketball but in all she’s a part of.  She often does (and is happy to do so) the “little” things it takes for a team to be successful.  Case in point #1- she led the team in chargers taken with 20 (20 more than anyone else).  She is our most vocal player and sets the tone on defense and has a high basketball IQ which allows her to play an important role on offense in the execution of what we are trying to do as a team.  Beyond what Kenzie does for our team on the floor- which can’t be understated and is going to be greatly misses, it’s the example she sets elsewhere that she deserves the most credit for.  Kenzie is a 4.0 student who is just as involved in activities such as Softball, Volleyball, Track as she is in Basketball.  Beyond that, she regularly finds time to help out in the community and at school with Gov to Gov.  Kenzie has set an example in her four years that it’s important to be involved- to do your best at your role to make a team the best it can be ad also to give back for all the things being part of a team gives as well.  We are extremely proud of Kenzie and will continually use what she’s brought to our program as an example for those who follow.