Sully Buttes Dominates Sunshine Bible Academy

The Sully Buttes Chargers girls basketball team wasted little time against Sunshine Bible Academy on Tuesday as they stormed to a 69-17 win over the Crusaders.

The Chargers are now at 10-9 on the season with just one game left to play, the Faulkton Area Trojans the team that could be the first round opponent in the Region 2B tournament. The Trojans picked up a win over Miller on Tuesday. The two teams will end its regular season against one another and could as quickly turn around and face each other again next week.

It’s a boys and girls doubleheader on Thursday as the Chargers will be in Faulkton. DT Meyer, the voice of the Sully Buttes Chargers, will have the calls of the games with the girls beginning the day around 6:30.