Board Approves Combinations of Regions in Class A and B basketball

SDHSAA-BB REGIONS…The South Dakota High School Activities Association Board of Directors has approved revisions in regional alignments for this year’s basketball post-season.

If a Class “A” or “B” region has fewer than four teams, it will be combined with another region.  From that group, four teams will advance to the SoDak 16 round.

Executive secretary Dan Swartos says regions one through five currently have adequate numbers.  If needed, Regions 5 and 6 would go together, as would Regions 7 and 8.

Lakota Tech officials asked that Regions 6 and 7 be combined – Swartos says that wouldn’t be the best solution.  97623   :23   “the SoDak 16”

Right now, Region 6 has four teams participating.  Region 7 has three, and Region 8 has seven.

*Story credit: Dellas Cole