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Throughout the month of November we will be highlighting Veteran’s to thank and salute them, for their service protecting our great nation. Every member of the United States military deserves to be recognized and here at Riverfront Broadcasting, we will make that happen with our Salute to Heroes.

Thank you to our great sponsors for making this happen and for helping out for one lucky member to receive a gift basket!

Colin Whitebird

Army – Infantry – 4 years

Colin served as a Sergeant in the 1/23 Infantry during the Iraqi War. He was awarded the purple heart after being shot by a sniper. Today, Colin lives in Pierre, SD. He works for the State in the Division of Insurance and enjoys spending time with his family and friends, participating in long distance running and endurance competitions, and…Star Wars. Over 10 years later, Colin remains in close contact with his Army buddies from around the world and is a true demonstration of what it means to be a good man and a good friend. I appreciate that your station is taking time to acknowledge the sacrifices of our veterans. Veterans rock!!

Richard “Pete” McGee

Army – 2 years

Very loyal to his country. Many offices held thru the American Legion Post 79.

Tom Sommer

Army – 14 years

Tom was in the gulf war 24th Infantry.

Toby Krogman

Army National Guard – 4 years

Toby did his basic at Ft.Benning and then went on to Ft.Eustis where he graduated he is now a Junior in college he is proud to serve his country!

Timothy Harford

SD Army National Guard – 19 years

He has served over 18 years with SD National guard and has been on three deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and recently came home from Germany a over a year ago.

Dan Garland

SD Army National Guard – 13 years

Dan serves with the 235th MP Company in the SD Army National Guard since 2008. He has been deployed to Afghanistan in 2013, provided security for Trump’s and Biden’s inaugurations and has served on State Active Duty orders for the 2011 flood and the 2020 summer riots. He will be deployed for 2022. He proudly serves for SD National Guard Funeral Honors as a way to pay his respect for our past veterans.

Ken Rausch

Army and South Dakota National Guard – 27 years

I served in Vietnam with the Military Police 173rd Airborne Unit in 1970.
I served with the Armed Forces MP’s in Brooklyn NY in 1969. Obtained the rank of Specialist (E-4).

I served with the SDNG 147th Field Artillery for 10 years in Pierre 1983 to to 1993. As a Personnel HR Clerk Sergeant (E-5)
I served with the SDNG 147th Artillery in Sioux Falls for 3 years. 1993-1996
as the HR Assistant Supervisor. Staff Sergeant (E-6)
I served as the Supervisor of Personnel at Officer Candidate School in Ft Meade SD from 1996-2007. I obtained the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7).
I served with the (Combat Support Battalion) in Sioux Falls as the Food Service Manager for 4 National Guard units in the Sioux Falls Region. From 2007-2009. I obtained the rank of Master Sergeant (E-8)
Retired 2-15-2009 based on the fact that it is mandatory retirement at age 60
in the SDNG.
I received 5 ARCOMS (Army Accommodations) and a Bronze Star in Vietnnam.
My SDNG Unit received the State of Louisiana Emergency Medal for the 2 months of service while on duty with the Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Dustin Hunsley

Army/ National Guard – 6 years

Dustin is a Pierre native that Graduated from T.F. Riggs in 1999.
He enlisted with the National Guard in 1998 as a Junior in High School with the 200th Engineer Company in Pierre. Dustin went to Basic Training at Ft. Benning, GA in the summer of 1998 and then went to Advanced Individual Training at Ft. Jackson, SC in the summer of 1999 to become a 63B (Light_Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic). The 200th was activated for combat in January of 2003 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. They were sent overseas to Kuwait and Iraq from March of 2003 to March of 2004. Dustin returned home at the rank of Specialist E-4 and was Honorably Discharged in 2004 as a Combat Veteran. He currently resides in Pierre with his wife and three boys where he is employed by Morris Inc.

Mike Mehlhaff

US Army – 4 Years

Mike served as a Motor Transport Operator in the Army and is active in the American Legion.

Jennings Newbold

Army – 5 Years

Jennings served as a Military Police Officer with the 142 MP Company. He was stationed in South Korea for two years and did one tour in Iraq. He now lives in Murdo and is the Chief of Police for the City of Murdo.

Joanne Hight

US Army National Guard and Army Reserve – 21 years

Born and raised in Pierre, South Dakota. Enlisted as a bridge crewmember with the 200th Enginner Company out of Pierre. Served two tours, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. After her tour in Afghanistan in 2012 she moved from the National Guard to the Army Reserves as an instructor out of Sioux Falls. Retiring after 21 years. She continues working for SD DOT.

Dustin Hight

US Army National Guard – 10 years

Born and raised in Pierre, South Dakota. Enlisted as a bridge crewmember with the 200th Enginner Company out of Pierre at the age of 17. After serving for 11 years he was medically discharged while preparing for deployment.

Thurlow Haukaas St

Navy – 2 years

Very loyal to the military vets and Native American vets. He loved serving his country. He is proud of his grandson serving his country.

Norman Carroll

Army 82nd Airborne – 12 years

Norman is a Fort Pierre native. He graduated from Stanley County Schools. He played football at Concordia College in Nebraska for two years. He enlisted in the Army. He did his Basic and Advanced Individual Training (he was the one to get them there and back safely) at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. He then went to Fort Benning GA for his jump school. When he graduated he reported to Fort Bragg, NC. Upon arriving at Fort Bragg he started preparations for deployment to Iraqi. He was in Iraqi for 15 months. Norm and his team spent the next 7 months at Fort Bragg getting ready to deploy back to Iraqi. They were deployed again for 15 months. Norm survived several explosions one that he survived with God by his side. He could no longer jump because of the head traumas he suffered. He was grounded and had to work on the base. The Army retired Norman with full medical disability. His rank when he retired is SSG (E6). After living in NC for awhile he moved home with his wife and two sons to Fort Pierre. He works at Floyd’s Truck Center and Kubota. Norman is the currant commander of the American Legion Post 20 in Fort Pierre. He is one of the veterans that presents the colors at local events. Norman like others gave a lot of himself protecting America. He says he’d do it again.

Jason Zeigler

Air Force – 21 years

He enlisted in the Air Force right out of high school. He has served many places overseas including Afghanistan, Kuwait, Germany, Guam. He has also been to Iraq. He is currently serving in the air guard.

Cassidy Newbold


Cassidy started by joining the Army while still in High School. He served in the National guard and Active Duty. He has been deployed to combat a couple different times.

Clint Newbold

Marines / 17.5 Years

He is a Marine Vet. He doesn’t really show that he is, but he is proud to be a Marine. He was stationed in several different places. He is a hard working man and doesn’t know how to stop. He goes from sun up till past sun down.

Cindy Newbold

Marines / 5 Years

She joined the Marines where she met her soul mate, husband. She did 5 years and was stationed in different area to include the pentagon.

Nathanial Brandner

Army / 8 Years

Nathan joined the Army out of High School. He was stationed in Korea and was a mechanic while in the military. He has continued to be a mechanic working on big trucks since he has gotten out.

Paul Frost

US Army Reserve

Paul is a native of Hoven, SD, he enlisted in the Army Reserve after graduating from high school. It was a bitter sweet moment when the 452nd Ordinance Co was activated for duty prior to the Desert Storm War but Paul was proud to serve his county. He commented, “this is what I joined for and I am going to do whatever I have to for American freedom”. He left his wife and 15 month old son for the unknown. Deploying with 30 day orders in hand quickly changed to indefinite orders. Paul returned to the USA approximately nine months later. Paul still reminisces of his days oversees and would do it all over again for his county. He is truly a proud American and an awesome supporter of the military.

If you haven’t filled out the form you still can! Fill out the form below for those military members who are actively serving or retired. Then on our stations, KCCR, Country 95.3 and Capital City Rock we’ll salute those members throughout November.

Veteran’s Appreciation